Orbit Industries Announces the STINGER™ Adjustable Finger Stylus
at PC Expo 2000

New York, NY, June 27, 2000 - Orbit Industries has announced today their innovative new patent pending "Adjustable Finger Stylus." Introduced at PC EXPO 2000, the premier Business computing Trade Show of the year, this revolutionary new product is expected to draw considerable interest. The Stinger is being exhibited along side all the top players in the handheld computer market including Palm®, Handspring®, HP®, Casio®, and Compaq®.

The simple plastic design allows users to snap the ring to their index finger size and slip the Stinger on...and they're ready to write or tap information into their handheld computer. The stylus tip is compatible with all touch-screen devices. Users are finding this inexpensive and convenient little device to be so useful they are leaving the traditional pen-like stylus behind.

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